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The tale of Leandro Diletti is right beyond the contents of the beautiful photographs, of the beautiful 
landscapes, of the faultless composition, of the study of the lights and the appropriate position of the models.
The work of Diletti is a "hymn" to the One who has created certain beauties, and then reported
with cleverness on the film.
 Every image is the synthesis of a particular emotion, of a "felt" special moment, of a spent emotion;
the revelation of a not common sensitivity. And so, from a person who for years has lived dipped
in the arid world of the numbers and in the cold logic of the Business Economy,  we have a big love

 and gratefulness lesson towards the One who has created everybody and all that surrounds as.

                                                                     Gianfranco Marzetti ( photographer )


     They are clear and neat images, at times even estetizzanti: one intensely goes from the chromatic pittoricismo  of the landscapes to true and real analyses of the movement of the bodies (from high clouds to lion's tooth spore to the statues which rush in high). They all seem allusions to something that hovers beyond the earthly gravity. The literary culture would speak in terms of modern allegories, but here the anxiety implied in the culture of nine a hundred and beyond is absent.
     Leandro introduces us a light and pretty microcosmos. He approaches the eye and the mind to a terrestrial and sky-blue nature (never separated). A world near the creation, he would say; still beautiful, without the disturbing presence of man. A man who is never protagonist, but only and privileged addressee of a luminous harmony feeling (ha!, arcano plan!).
     So the human passions seem to lose their "unsustainable weights of the being"  and dilute themselves in the soul of the universe.
     On the steps of San Francesco, but also of Giordano Bruno: of the nature and infinity beauty of the skies, but without the anxieties of the modern man.
"And wrecking is sweet in this sea".
With love, your affectionately, 

                                                                                prof. Massimo Scarponi ( philosopher and leterary man )



     I have just visited your site and I have found him moving.   Unfortunately I am always in the office and especially in winter much light does not arrive from the outside one , ….. for this I wanted to thank you: your photos are a window opened to the dreams!
                                                                                                                  Barbara Nespeca



........, also if mine favourites are the < Details >, …. the crying willow or simply the ciliege of the Val Tesino……, I want tell you, the really curious are the ones done in the botanical  orchard of the prof. Maroni.
     To be able to photograph the ciliege of safe you will have seen something of particular, something of only one which you did not want to make escape .... and that is possible only if one is able to appreciate thin at the end all the beauties that nature mother gives away us every day and that often we do neither realize or, what frequent and heavy   “the everything seems to us there be due and all comes for discounted”

                                                                                                                  Antonella Spinozzi



     Dear Leandro, congratulation especially for the brave tone of the series called < Contemplare l'Eterno >: generally I find a lot of rethoric about this subject and too many soppinesses, or rudenesses, in the Bibilic quotations. You are catching me in a time when your interpretation of silence is very important for me. In particular I like the photo you have just called " il silenzio ", since I think that the brightness of the image, toghether with the determination of the blue tonality that you have rightly chosen to transmit us profondity and at the same time trust in God and in the Grace, is the adeguate mirror of the words that you say, and via versa; in a beautiful and brave intellectual challenge in an age of senseless words and of wasteland.
     At the same time I appreciate the courage by which you don't hide your Faith, in a historic moment that, too slow to die, for long has been requiring shame and submission to the person who has some other point of reference, beyond to his fine person. Even more I admire the antirethoric that allows you to choice ( in an apparent paradox )  just the Word to deny the words.   Best wishes.

                                                                                           prof.ssa Maria Maistrini ( philosopher )



    Leandro Diletti's sensibility, together with his tecnical skill and strong passion for photo art, make a communication istrument of moods and intimate perceptions, out of the camera.
     The greatness of the photo shown in this Web site lies in their capacity to comunicate, not only to experts, but even to people who don't know much abaut photography, both the sensation of tranquillity and peace resulting from the observation of nature and love for the places where he was born and still lives. The joy the photographer feels when catching this beautiful moments seens to be the same strength which drives him to photograph them
                                                                              dott. Simone De Santis ( Economista aziendale )



     My dear Leandro, I visited your photo Web-Site and .... you managed to voice what you feel and experience in the visual field/art, even what you sometimes do not voice, out of restraint. This form of art is accessible to everybody. Both simple people and the men of letters. Suffice to say that painting -as well as images- enter the history of Church because they are the catechesis of the poor. Everyone coul be evangelized in the scriptures by means of images: the same function is served by icons in the eastern religion. Youar photo have let me experience the taste of the beauty, have caused me a wish for infinity, eternity as well as mistery and ... why not? A hin of sadness.

     The Themes <Moment of Life><Lines and forms><Landscapes> force you to leave, to take off, to go beyond without wishing; you take off and are filled by a feeling brought abaut by the image. My compliments!

     I chose the photo " Thanks ", by you commented whit the words (by Lanciagloriosa L. ): " My abode ". How did you manage to get/catch that feeling? Your bride's delicate face, market by a touch of affliction and two parallel vertical lines ... tell a whole life; and that forefinger touching the tip of the thorn seems to say .. " I know what this is ..., i know what this has been for you ..." More over, that arm seen to be protruding from the staue ... so that you can no more tell which ( of the two ) is Christ nowadays, whether him or her, but those eyes, looking, force you to have your feet on the ground since Christ is here, today, and not in heaven ... so she is the one who wins; " I was hungry, thirsty and i suffered ... ". Jesus says in the Gospel. I would like to get a picture out of it because, every time i see this photo it makes me meditate.

                                                                                                  Gị Pizzetti ( Father in Brazil )